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Getting more from your performance test reports

Detailed performance test report

JtlReport will provide you with metrics for each label such as: requests per seconds (RPS), various percentiles, error rate, network data transferred (Mbps), and more.

Test run comparison

If you want to compare HTML reports, you need to open them side by side and look for the differences and correlations on your own. With JtlReporter that comparison is only four clicks away. And it does not stop there. You can even drill down in response time and throughput trends for each endpoint.

Performance insights

JtlReport will perform some performance analysis automatically for you. It aims to help you to interpret the outcome of the measurements and warn you if there might be an issue related to an overloaded system under tests.

Share reports with anybody

Create a special link to share performance test report with anyone without the need of having an account. No worries, you can always revoke the link.

Create custom chart

JtlReport provides you with a couple of ready-made charts, but you can create your custom chart with any metrics available on it. This way can explore and find even more correlations.


Set up a notification for an external service to be informed on a newly processed performance test report.

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